Exactly What would your revenue appear to be if every project compensated $100 or over? Web Sites that pay article writers that much or even more are on the market. Really

Exactly What would your revenue appear to be if every project compensated $100 or over? Web Sites that pay article writers that much or even more are on the market. Really

But you’re maybe not likely to see them on Craiglist or low-rate content mills that spend cents per term, or even even worse. And also a multitude of task|number that is large of panels who promise well-paying writing gigs end up in just have gigs that pay enough per project to fill your gas tank.

Skip those gigs, and progress to websites that spend better prices.

Websites that pay $100 or over

In this range of 26 websites that pay , we’ve identified markets that are new have actuallyn’t featured before. And though a variety is represented by these sites of various niches (age does essaypro work.g. finance, parenting, health, technology, travel, etc.) all of them get one part of typical.

These are web sites that spend $100 or higher for websites, articles, essays, tutorials, as well as other kinds of composing projects.

so how you’re going to secure a gig sites that pay $100-plus, writing a query that is solid, pitching a well-thought out article, or delivering a personalized LOI (page of introduction).

Are you searching for web sites that spend better prices? Have a look at this list. Fit your advertising muscle tissue, pitching $100 or maybe more per project.

1. Bird Channel

Editor Jessica Pineda got her very first course in caring for parrots, canaries, finches and doves whenever she had been a baby-sitter. Now she assists bird owners take care of their friends that are feathery the editor because of this niche website. Pays $100 to $200 for brief articles. $300 to $400 for extended features.

2. B. Michelle Pippin

Company expert Michelle Pippin publishes visitor articles on topics like time administration, advertising, and entrepreneurship. Pays as much as $150.

3. Bless This List (Hacked)

will pay $100 for 1,500-word list articles on just about any subject. Offbeat, unusual, fun facts, or strange subjects are motivated.

Associate editor Anna Neher states their young adult audience is enthusiastic about comics, the strange and unusual, and young adult literary works. Pays up to $0.25 per term for essays, fiction, and comics.

5. BestPickist

This is certainly a food preparation weblog, however it’s not only for dishes. The website posts articles, how-tos, expert interviews, nourishment recommendations, and also fitness guides. Some projects spend $75. Ultimate Guides on food/recipe subjects spend $120 to $160. Browse the tips on the webpage, but deliver your pitch via e-mail to marieanoor@gmail.com.

6. Dollar Stretcher

This might be a living that is frugal that’s been with us for almost twenty years. Founder and editor Gary Foreman claims they’re always seeking fresh a few ideas on the best way to conserve some time money. Pay is $0.10 a word. Learn the site ( significantly more than 10,000 articles), before publishing a question.

7. Entelligent

This web site will pay $180 per article on topics linked to power, company, in addition to environment for its investor-focused market. Content manager Laurie Greenwood states business journalists should pitch energy-related stories on present news occasions, company and systematic articles, and corporate news.

8. The Escapist

This web site is focused on since the gaming industry and pays up to $250 for articles. Pitch subjects about game titles, films, games, technology, and technology.

9. Freelance Mother

This website will pay $100 for 1,500-word websites (from mothers or dads) about entrepreneurship, work-life balance, additionally the systems, tools, to become a freelancer that is successful. E-mail your query/pitch to creator and editor Lisa Stein.

10. A Healthier Lifestyle

This website will pay $150 for 1,500-word articles on wellness, anti-aging, beauty, life style, parenting, recipes. You can make use of the submission that is general and anticipate a reaction within six times. Nonetheless it wouldn’t to editor @AidaPoulsen.

11. Howl Round

If you’re a fan for the theater, consider writing for Howl Round. This web site pays as much as $150 for articles about movie theater life for pupils and experts. Check out the distribution tips for essays and also the NewsCrit feature, which spend the absolute most. Note: Howl Round just takes submissions from freelancers with theater experience.

12. The Introspectionist

The prospective market when it comes to Introspectionist: smart females. The website will pay $100 to $200 for features. Check out the editorial calendar to find future themes for publishing a question.

13. The Design

Desire to expose WordPress? The design pays as much as $150 for blog posts about design-related topics and tutorials.

14. Less Than Perfect moms and dads ( web Site perhaps not exists)

Less Than Perfect moms and dads will pay $100 for articles about practical techniques to be considered a moms and dad. Editor Tracy Gibb states the site features posts that are blog things such as effortless techniques to prepare healthier meals, easy-to-make children’s crafts, family-friendly tasks, as well as other topics. Pitch your website post concept to Tracy via e-mail at tracygibb@lessthanperfectparents.com.

15. Produce a writing that is living

Yes, this website will pay $75 as much as $150 for articles on freelance writing topics directed at helping authors progress and earn much more. Be sure to see the recommendations, learn the design, and just take a appearance at the sorts of blogs we’re shopping for. Price is based on complexity of research and topic required.

Here’s a site that pays $125 or over for websites and have articles about maternity, motherhood, parenting, family members life, as well as other subjects. Editor Madeline Holler states she’s searching for voice-y, opinionated writers with a feeling of humor compose for mothers.

17. MoneyPantry

Founder and editor Saeed Darabi created this web site to assist making and spending less. Pays as much as $150 for 1,000 to 2,000-word blogs.

18. Pentimento

This website will pay $250 for articles about individuals managing disabilities.

19. Energy for residing

will pay $125 to $375 for inspiring tales (750 to 1,600 terms) about Christians who will be making a significant difference on earth from objective trips to everyday experiences. NOTE: This website is apparently broken.

20. Semaphore

This web site publishes articles about pc software development and will pay $100 to $300. Semaphone is seeking articles about development tools and techniques, build automation, application implementation and just how to configure, integrate and develop pc software.

21. SlickWP

Here’s another website that pays $100 for websites about WordPress and Genesis-focused tutorials. Maybe not a webpage guru? Fine, SlickWP also will pay for reviews about WordPress themes and plugins.

22. Thriving Family

This Christian-focused web website will pay $300 to $375 for articles (1,200 to 1,500 terms) about wedding and family members life, methods to assist kids develop faith, and interviews with characters.

23. Transitions Abroad

This travel website pays around $150 for articles (800 to 2,000 terms) about travel advice, experiences, and activities and encourage other people to look at world. Have story idea that is travel-related? Transitions Abroad is seeking articles on working, residing, volunteering, and learning abroad.

24. The Travel Writer’s Life

Here’s another travel site that pays $100 to $150 for interviews and stories that are personal individuals who are earning money being a travel journalist, photographer, or trip operator. How-to articles about getting compensated pay up to $200.

25. Bright Life

This web site will pay $100 to $300 for articles (up to 1,000 terms) about real health, psychological quality, and religious stability from a practical, Christian viewpoint. forward queries to editor Heather Quintana.

26. WriteHackr

WriteHackr pays as much as $100 for websites for articles about freelance writing. Founder Scott Sind claims magazine launched with a Kickstarter campaign, features how-to articles, interviews, and industry styles regarding freelance writing.

Go up and

It’s time for a change if you’ve been writing for sites that pay less than $100 per assignment. This list is really a place that is good begin. As soon as you will find you need to compose for, ’s what to complete next:

  • Learn the submission tips
  • Read blog that is past or back problems
  • Develop a plan for the article or compose a question page
  • Discover the contact information when it comes to editor and deliver your pitch via e-mail
  • Perform, and you’ll be headed into the right way to move up and

Just what websites have actually you written for the pay $100 or more? Enhance the list on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Evan Jensen may be the visitor web log editor at Make a writing that is living. He writes for consumers when you look at the physical fitness niche, and operates ultramarathons that are 100-mile.

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